National Franchise Show

We had such a great time at the National Franchise Show in San Diego, CA on October 7th and 8th! We gave out information about becoming a music school owner and even offered a few piano lessons too!

One visitor to our booth started singing the national anthem of his country, and we went ahead and played along on the white piano. He was very proud and touched by hearing the music that meant so much to him in such an unexpected place. Music connects us all in some way, and we love hearing the stories of how it plays a part in people’s lives.

Another visitor said, “You can’t franchise a music school.” With our model, you absolutely can. With the right systems in place, there is plenty of room for creativity, personality, self-expression, and individualism among students and teachers. As a creative musician myself, I understand the importance of this being built into the educational experience for the arts. Students learn differently, and teachers bring unique talents and approaches to the learning environment. I say anything is possible, especially when you think outside the lines (and spaces).

We also made other friends in the franchise business too! Our neighbors from PickUp USA Franchise were so kind and helpful! The franchise industry is filled with a very nice community of business owners and entrepreneurs. We are looking forward to the next one in Las Vegas this coming Spring!

If you are interested in attending, you can get tickets for FREE from the National Franchise EXPO. Hope to see you there!